More model for fun stuff

Are you really liking this? Just wanna keep coming back for more to get a bigger taste of this or what it could be? We've got options to keep you entertained or guide you to maybe trying this for real. Don't worry, we won't pressure you into anything . . . . . it's your dream, not ours, so relax and just have some fun with this.


CameraTime / pose workshop

Join us in a private or group workshop and build some camera-time posing techniques to improve your modelablity in front of the camera. Most models learn on set so that's how you're gonna learn here. In a real shoot in front of the camera. If you pay close attention . . . . you'll never run out of poses.


Agency Intro

So you thought a little more about this and you're thinking . . . . I wonder if I can do this?  No problem. If you're interested and we think you've got something, we can put you in touch with a real talent agency here in town. Now, there's no promises, but hopefully our images can help get you there if it's something you really want to do. 

Dream vacations with Model for Fun

Take your photo shoot to a new level by going on vacation with us. We'll plan 7-day cruises to share a couple days with you and the camera, another afternoon learning about the biz and the rest of the time, we just want to rest, dance, eat and have the time of our lives.