CameraTime didn't start because . . . 

• People froze in front of the camera
• Eyes or lips started to twitch
• Peace signs and devil horn hands were irresistible

It did start because some people just wanted a little direction. To know what was their best side, made them look thinner or or hide that double chin look. Even for existing models to never run out of poses or and to keep it natural also you don't look like the deer in the headlight.

CameraTime  - is a pose workshop that takes place in front of the camera. Be coached while you see results in real time on a screen after and during. So . . . .since you will be photographed, you might as well dress up.  Our goal is to show you . . . . not just tell you.

Model for fun sessions don't include CameraTime, but you can do CameraTime just up your posing for selfies or your model for fun photo shoot . Join us for these workshops just to get better for fun or if you're a model wanting to just get better in front of the camera, then CameraTime is for you.  

Session pricing / workshops vary depending on groups and locations. If you are interested, keep checking back to view our schedule or email us for an inquiry. Thank you.