Ever dreamt of being a model,
even just for one day?

Do what professional models do, travel to unique locations, get pampered by a professional makeup artist. Have your wardrobe styled and get posed by an expert photographer.  It's model photography for every people and anyone of any age can do it. We’re not out to change the way you look but to bring out your best features and enhance what makes you, well  . . . . . you!  And prices start at only $99, so what's stopping you?

Join Monico Photography with a "model for fun" photo shoot where you . . . are the model. 

 First, we'll go thru your outfits to match your style by using colors and lengths that compliment your skin, your eyes and basically . . . you. Then, our makeup artist will apply subtle touches to enhance, blend and reveal your best features. When you are ready to go, your photographer will guide you through your shoot with poses to make you feel comfortable as you have the time of your life.  It's not just a shoot, it's an experience that will make you feel so beautiful.  Inside and out.